M.I.A. barred from taking child, Ikhyd, out of the country

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When M.I.A. isn't busy indulging in truffle oil french fries, she's getting served papers. In an ongoing legal battle with her ex-fiancé, Benjamin Bronfman, the ornery British rapper has been threatening to leave the U.S. in favor of London's grayer pastures, taking their child, Ikhyd, with her. Bronfman, not afraid of her “bad girl” threats, has now successfully applied for a restraining order that will prevent both mother and child from leaving U.S. soil. In typical look-at-me fashion, M.I.A. has taken to Twitter to air some of her numerous grievances about the issue, but in the sly fashion of simply retweeting other peoples' take on the case, most notably a mother's inherent importance in a child's life.

And the beat plays on.