Mille Plateaux's new Cluster imprint

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The quintessential 90s minimal and glitch label out of Frankfurt, Mille Plateaux, has seen many collapses and rebirths over its tumultuous (and sometimes dormant) history, and the latest turn sees it growing a new limb.

Get it right people: From here on out, all ambient/drone releases from Mille Plateaux will be shuffled into an imprint heretofore known as Cluster.

The imprint's first release will be Craig Vear's Summerhouses, which apparently will actually come with music production software. The official release date is coming up fast: August 16.

Enjoy this official “taster” video by Thomas Newton that's 20 seconds off each track from the album, which, because it's ambient, kind of sounds like a coherent piece:

And for the time being, their website is this thing.