Sun Araw goes another round on Woodsist

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sun araw

Sun Araw is the fastest rising one-manned UFO in the Los Angeles area, a master of the alien nobs and organ grinding that gets a saucer up into the dusky heavens with the gassy help of vaguely mustered FM 70s jams, and rides the technicolor winds, spitting out electric-squalls of industrial waste along the way.

For “Last Chants”, the lead off track of both the upcoming 12-inch and double-EP CD coming out on Woodsist, he burns the petroleum hooks that drive “Saturday Night Fever” so that the resulting black smoke sits thick on the skies and obscures the vaguely outlined, purring mothership that passes overhead.

Both the Off Duty 12-inch and the Off Duty/Boat Trip dueling EP CD will be out October 12 on Woodsist.

Sun Araw, “Last Chants”