Open Mike Eagle interviews Marc Maron on Secret Skin finale

Blake Gillespie

Believe it or not, three years ago Open Mike Eagle was a guest on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. Pre-Obama visit cum zeitgeist status, Open Mike visited the infamous garage to get hella personal with one of podcasting’s most beloved interviewers. Now, Maron has switched roles to be the special guest on the season finale of Open Mike’s Secret Skin podcast.

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Having interviewed comedian Nick Thune, Future Islands’ Sam Herring, Hannibal Buress, Slug of Atmosphere, and author Chuck Klosterman in this season, Secret Skin‘s foundation in format is indebted to the style of Maron. Open Mike Eagle is far from the first to borrow Maron’s monologue-to-personal-narrative-interview format, but his variation on it has bridged the underground rap and alternative comedy communities and provided a unique outlet for their stories in the process.

Stream the Marc Maron episode below and check out more episodes on the Secret Skin website and become a subscriber on iTunes.

Open Mike Eagle & Paul White’s Hella Personal Film Festival is out now on Mello Music Group.

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