Pornhub Announces Record Label

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Earlier this month, the Internet was treated to a song that Coolio dedicated to Pornhub called “Take it to the Hub”. Since its release it has become a sort of “At the Hop” for our generation. But instead of a talking about going out on the town and dancing to the spirit of rock n roll, it is mostly about Coolio masturbating. The video was released on the Pornhub site along with a more edited version on Youtube with the caption, “Pornhub Records Subscribe for ass.”

Well, I know you were all on the edge of your seats for this one, and the wait is finally over. Yesterday, Billboard reported that Pornhub is in fact starting its very own record label. They even have a very “safe for work” website. Just be careful where you click. Finally, we have a reason to talk about Pornhub in a clean and non-demoralizing fashion (sort of).

Along with the big news, Pornhub has announced a competition where artists can submit a song to the label. If chosen, the winner will be awarded $5000 to make a music video which will be featured on (It’s like getting the opportunity to get DP’ed by the music industry!) “We’re looking for acts that aren’t necessarily porn-focused,” said Pornhub VP Cory Price. “We’re an ad-based network looking for content that appeals to our demographic. Mature lyrics for an adult audience; no boy bands or teen-pop, for instance.” “So while the song may not have to be “porn-focused,” I’m going to assume from their first single that it should some how revolve in the sonic sphere of sexuality. 

You can submit for the contest on Pornhub’s website and if you missed it the first time around here is the Coolio video.