Teenage Panzerkorps make the world smaller

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Teenage Panzerkorps, also known as Der TPK, is a global collaboration between a few California musicians and a snotty punk survivor from Germany named Bunker Wolf. I can only imagine the privileged pride that comes with having a living time capsule fronting your band. Plus, that old punk hasn't lost touch, nor does he seem jaded in recreating droney post punk reminiscent of a more synthy Savage Republic. Wolf's German lyrics translate to “forget the past and go into the future.”

Teenage Panzerkorps have a couple records worth pursuing on Siltbreeze. But, the true gift today is “U Bahn,” an unreleased song that guitarist Edmund Xavier said won't be on the upcoming German Reggae LP. Der TPK have recorded sessions in Berlin and San Francisco. Expect the record in early 2010.

Teenage Panzerkorps, “U Bahn”