The Bieber Side-Boob Hour is going Limbaugh

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impose at newtown radio with Greg Fox

We sit in a dank, window-less room drinking cheap beer while talking into microphones and try to pass it off as radio. Now we're trying to pass it off as television. Or internet video as it may be. We at least cut out the music segments from the video so you wouldn't have to watch us picking our teeth — we're not evil. You can listen to the full audio over at Newtown Radio's Soundcloud.

So here's Derek and Chris hanging with Greg Fox, aka GDFX, and Guardian Alien drummer to discuss his new record, acupuncture, and the July 4th Summerjam show he's putting on at Shea Stadium. You'll also hear us reference Colin, one of the people behind Newtown Radio and an all-around great guy. All while our video editor Janet did her best to get all of our faces on screen (there's only about two-feet of space to shoot in). Enjoy.

Impose Bieber Side-Boob Hour 06.27.12