The Wake returns after 15 years

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The Wake

It's not everyday you get to witness a Factory and Sarah Records band.

The Wake was one of those U.K. bands in the early 80s that Impose would've been all over. Seemingly always in the shadows of other, larger luminaries in both the goth/pop world, as well as on New Order's famed Factory Records label, it would be hard to dismiss their influence. Especially considering they were the starting point for Bobby Gillespie, who went on to play with The Jesus and Mary Chain and later formed Primal Scream. The group left Factory to sign on with Sarah Records in the late 80s, but when Sarah dissolved in 1995, the band effectively dissolved with it.

Which is why the fact they are playing again is so exciting, and the fact that they're playing in the U.S. is quite astonishing. The lead duo of Ceasar McInulty and Carolyn Allen (siblings) came together to record a new record in late 2009, and play a Factory Records reunion show of sorts at Plan K in Brussels. Earlier this year they played the London Popfest, and now their coming Stateside for the NYC Popfest this weekend.

We're a bit biased since Impose alum Bears are on the bill with The Wake, but the event — taking place this Thursday through Sunday all over the city and Brooklyn — features an eclectic lineup of twee and jangle that will make you forget the lyrics are usually about broken hearts.

Below are two Wake tracks, “O Pamela” from their 1985 Factory release Here Comes Everybody, and the seminal “Pale Spectre” (which we're told they will no longer play live) from the 1987 Factory EP Something That No One Else Could Bring. You can also check out the full NYC Popfest lineup here.

The Wake, “Pale Spectre”

The Wake, “O Pamela”