White Fence to release Live In San Francisco on Castle Face Records

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tim presley

Tim Presley, better known as White Fence, doesn’t leave himself with much time to do anything other than periodically churn out new tunes. In the past few years he’s released a bevy of solo albums, singles, and LPs in addition to playing a part in a handful of releases from a number of other bands. Taking a moment to revel in the immensity of his young musical career, Tim Presley and the other psychedelic maestros behind the music of White Fence are set to release Live in San Francisco. A compilation of the fuzzy feel-good psych-rock favorites, the album demands you notch up your volume and experience the performance at Amnesia how it’s supposed to be heard. Featuring tracks like “Swagger Vets and Double Moon,” the galvanizing homage to Brit-punk’s golden age, we get a nice mix of past and present in this masterfully recorded live album. Stream the track from their upcoming LP below.

Live In San Francisco is available via Castle Face November 5, and will be the first in the new Live In San Francisco series from the label. And for more on White Fence, read Impose's official White Fence correspondent, John Bail, on what it's like to see Presley three times in 30 hours.

01. Backwards
02. Swagger Vets And Double Moon
03. Mr Adams/Who Feels Right?
04. Baxter Corner
05. The Pool
06. Harness
07. Lizards First
08. Chairs In The Dark
09. Tame
10. Pink Gorilla
11. Enthusiasm
12. Be Right Too
13. Breathe Again