AM Breakups and the secret history of weirdo Utica hip hop

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On Wed, November 7th, your hosts Eric and Ewina talked to A.M. Breakups! We discuss the history of hip hop in Utica, the birth of Reservoir Sound, production techniques, step sequencers versus visual sequencers, the glory of Acid Pro 5, making beats on Windows Recorder, the secret hidden history of weirdo hip hop, building a shared universe, rapper Elucid’s abstraction, upcoming shows and AM Breakups plays some music that got the screwface.

We also talk about Azar Swan’s upcoming album Dance Before the War and play the title track off of that release.

Next week join us for Corina Corina!

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Showyousuck – 80’s Boobs
Basement Up – Catch my Fade
Eliquate / Snack-one & Elliot Wright – Self Depreciation Posse
Crazy 88 – Trippy Rhyme
Vex Ruffin – Warm Life
AM Breakups – Rumors

Azar Swan – Dance Before the War
Lanorme – Hospital Beds
Colony – Sometimes

Tomorrow Kings – NRTM
A.M. Breakups – Droid907 (American Heartache)
A.M. Breakups feat. V8 & Mc Eleven – Dreams
Teddy Faley – The Fog (Prod. DMC)
Cult Favorite – Demolition (DOS4GW Remix)

Split Feet – It Broke Once
Pampers – Not