Bright Nights with Tod Seelie and Japanther, and post-election chat with City & State NY's Aaron Short

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tod seelie

After months of buildup, the New York City mayoral race is finally over, crowning democrat Bill de Blasio as Gotham's new mayor. We had Aaron Short of City & State NY back on our weekly talk radio show to discuss what the future holds for de Blasio, what voter turnout looked like, and legalized casino gambling. We also invited New York-based photographer Tod Seelie and artpunk duo Japanther to discuss tonight's opening reception of Seelie's BRIGHT NIGHTS photo show. Silent Barn will be hosting Seelie's images after the opening tonight, which will see performances by The So So Glos, Japanther, Unstoppable Death Machines, and more; all the details are listed here.

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