MAIZE Talks Class A Drugs, Champagne for Breakfast, & Gifts Us a Mix of Their Favs

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Tim Metcalfe and Piers Baron are a force to be reckoned with. Both artists in their own rights, they have collaborated on a new and exciting project titled MAIZE, and they’re ready to blow your minds with their masterful producing chops. It’s like a crossover episode of your two favorite shows (a la Simpsorama or this four-way crossover) or–more acceptably–the joining of forces like The Power Rangers.

We threw some quick questions their way, and MAIZE was all too kind in their responses. (And by that, we mean they were hilarious. Per usual.)

You’re based in LA. What made you choose that location?

Tim Metcalfe: Besides being the epicentre of the entertainment industry, it also has fantastic poké bars. Piers and I met in LA so let’s see what happens haha.
Piers Baron: I’m absolutely insane at white water rafting now, like fucking GNAR bro.

“Out to Find Love” is your newest single. What inspired that song specifically?

PB: I wanted a new Porsche.
TM: Nobu and chill.

In what setting/situation do you imagine people listening to your music? 

PB: In a bedsit on class A drugs.
TM : Yeh that or just cruising around on a segway.

What are your opinions on the current state of the music industry?

PB: Put it this way, I had vintage champagne for breakfast
TM: Its kinda like the movie industry’s less hot cousin…

As we saw in an interview with MOSHERY, you are both very funny. Have you ever considered stand up comedy?

PB: That would be too obvious, like a rock n roll cliche and we all know Rock and roll cliche’s are so fucking boring. Smashing up hotel rooms? No, clean up the hotel room, make it presentable for the next person.
TM: Fuck the free world.

MAIZE has curated a playlist for your enjoyment, which can be found below with a track listing. Keep up with all things MAIZE right here.

1. MAIZE – Out to Find Love
2. Jane Xo – Lies
3. Powell – Slyvester Stallone
4. Kill the Noise – I Do Coke
5. MAIZE – Remember to Lose (Strange Talk Remix)
6. Placebo – Meds –
7. Ennio Morricone – The Ecstasy of Gold
8. Illenium – Fortress
9. Bjork – Army of Me
10. Placebo – Special Needs
11. Flume- Say it ft Tove Lo
12. LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great
13. Kanye West – Paranoid ft Mr Hudson
14. White Town- Your Woman
15.The knife- heartbeats
16. Arctic Monkeys- Do I wanna know?
17.New Order- Bizarre Love triangle
18.The 1975- Robbers
19.Gorillaz- Feel Good inc
20. Fatboy Slim- Praise You