Seven Day Sleep, "Metal Music Monday"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Los Angeles based rock metal trio Seven Day Sleep – comprised of Sofia Ruszczyk (vocals), can Temiz (bass, keyboards), and Okan Isik (guitar) – may have most recently been seen completing the watermelon challenge on Facebook, but they’re some really serious musicians. If you don’t believe us, check out their recent single “Red Lipstick Murders“, where they get really heavy – and really awesome – right from the get-go. Their energy is palpable through the speakers, and we’ve become big fans. So check out their watermelon challenge below, and then get comfortable with the “Metal Music Monday” playlist they have curated exclusively for Impose!

(Sofia) Crooks: A Few Peaceful Days.
Ever since I heard “A Few Peaceful Days” I can’t get enough of “Crooks”. They have such a great sense of mixing heavy riffs, fast drums beats and then blending in quite soothing moments. The song really pulls out your emotions and the story really becomes a part of you while your listening. That’s when you can see really great songwriters.
(Sofia) Silberstein: Smile in Your Sleep
“Silverstein” is one of my favorite bands and “Smile in Your Sleep” is definitely one of my favorite songs by them because the story telling feels so effortless but its so powerful and creative it’s just one of those songs you instantly get hooked on.
(Sofia) Picturesque​​: One of Us
I found out about “Picturesque” and their song “One of Us” through my Spotify discover weekly, which is one of my favorite platforms to find out about new music and artist. When I first heard this song I was so impressed with their vocalist because his range is out of this world and his control is on point.
(Sofia) In This Moment: Adrenalize 
I mean what can I say, “In This Moment” is one of those bands that just constantly are killing the game. From their songwriting, their live performances, their esthetic, its all amazing. Maria is one of the best vocalists I’ve heard in this genera and understanding the history of the band also gives me a lot of respect for how hard they have worked and the well deserved success they have. It’s hard to pick my favorite song by them but Adrenalize me has to be one of my favorites because it goes so hard and I just love what Maria talks about.
(Can) Lagwagon: Sick
I’ve been a huge punk fan my whole childhood and “Lagwagon” is my favorite punk band. They are heavy, they are fast and insanely melodic and this is what I love in Punk Rock. And “Sick” is my favorite “Lagwagon” song.
(Can) Opeth: The Drapery Falls
“Opeth” has always amazed me because they constantly are pushing the boundaries of metal music and showing us how metal music can be dark, emotional, poetic, novel, heavy and brutal all at the same time. And “The Drapery Falls” is the perfect “Opeth” song for me. It has everything that I would expect from an Opeth song.
(Can) The Dear Hunter: In Cauda Venenum
“The Dear Hunter” has my favorite type of perception towards progressive rock: Not focusing on the musicianship but on the songwriting and composing skills. It’s so easy to lose your sense of humor and “fun” factor when working on progressive stuff but “The Dear Hunter” never does that. He can masterly combine melancholy and fun. Although every “The Dear Hunter” song is a completely new and boundless adventure “In Cauda Venenum” is one of my favorite songs by them.
(Okan) Shinedown: Cut The Cord
This “Shinedown” song makes me feel like jumping around with its groovy and head banging riffs.
(Okan) Queens Of The Stone Age: No One Knows
It is not a hidden gem but this is definitely my favorite “QOSTA” song. The guitar tones are so sick.
(Okan) Muse: Time is Running Out
“Muse” is my favorite band and I don’t think that will change in the near future and their song “Time is Running Out” has an incredible bass line and sound, I’m really in love with this song.​
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