Bomani Jones dishes the truth on Donald Sterling

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Bomani Jones

This weekend on TNT's Inside the NBA, Ernie Johnson asked his co-hosts for their thoughts on the leaked audio of Clippers owner Donald Sterling's racists remarks. Charles Barkley, ever the unfiltered mouthpiece, cut Ernie off as soon as he said the word “believe.”

“Well first of all you can believe it,” said Barkley. “'Cause this has happened before.”

Barkley then continued to detail an abbreviated list of Sterling's gross history. In the face of such well-documented and ridiculously antebellum behavior, people have been left split. On the one hand people are glad that Sterling has now been banned from the NBA for life, but on the other there is concern as to why it took so long for anyone with authority to do something.

Luckily, ESPN's Bomani Jones appeared yesterday on The Dan Le Batard Show to absolutely destroy everything in his path in regard to the Sterling controversy. Pull your headphones out of the jack, gather your office mates around the computer, and turn volume up just a smidge for a 12-minute undressing better than any you've heard in a good while.