No Huddle Offense: The Best and Worst of NFL Week 4

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Week 4 saw an entire position implode, the explosion of Devonta Freeman, and a little thing you’ll be-hearing about called The Punch. It also featured a coaching change, a fat guy distraction and the saddest three act play about a quarterback you’ll see this side of… uh, any play about quarterbacks? Let’s football!

The Best


The Spectacle

Last week I shed tears over how amazing Julio Jones had been so far this season, but his record-breaking season seemed to overshadow his teammate Devonta Freeman. After the 48-21 win over the Houston Texans, nobody is overlooking Devonta anymore. In 14 carries and 68 yards, Freeman racked up three touchdowns, giving him seven touchdowns over four weeks and put him into some rarified air:

We’re only a quarter of the way through the NFL season, but dang the Falcons are fun.



This will go down as one of those two-word phrases that the NFL likes to keep around to up the fandom ante. The Punch itself was a slick move that saw Kam Chancellor knock away the ball from Calvin Johnson just before he crossed the goal line. The ensuing move is where the controversy lies, when K.J. Wright punches the ball out of the endzone instead of simply grabbing it or letting it go out on its own accord. The thing is, that’s against the rules, so instead of being a touchback like the refs called it, it should have gone back to the Lions with the ball at the goal line. Detroit is now the only winless team in the league.


Oh hey Adrian Peterson you can just go to the head of the line. Yeah, no worries. —Your friends, the Denver Broncos defense.

That is not so good guys. Maybe lay off the free Papa Johns that Peyton brings in all the time?

The Bad


The Spectacle

The NFL moved back point-after attempts this season, arguing it would make the game more competitive and take away the almost-shoe-in that the PAT had become. Week 4 showed it’s straining some of the kickers out there, even if it isn’t the PAT that is doing them in. Josh Scobee missed two crucial field goals in a loss against divisional rival Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night. And by the time Sunday started, the hits kept coming: six kickers missed field goals and two kickers missed PATs, with Caleb Sturgis of the Philadelphia Eagles missing one of each from that list. In case you think it’s a fluke or not that important, seven games were decided by three points or less this weekend.



The Miami Dolphins had a pretty decent season last year and although the expectations weren’t through the roof, they made some really good free agent acquisitions leading to excitement heading into 2015. Then reality hit. The 1-3 Phins looked lost, uncoordinated, and maybe even looked like they gave up a little in London. So the hammer came down on head coach/star of The Hills Have Eyes Joe Philbin as he was fired on Monday morning. Something had to change and it looks like the Dolphin brass isn’t going to be moving those shiny new pieces they just picked up, even if they have problems with the practice squad.


If you’re a San Francisco 49ers fan, you should turn away because the piling on that will continue for Colin Kaepernick is just too good to stop. If you need a quick summary of the Niners performance in their 17-3 loss, I present a three act play:

Act I

Act II


NBA starts in like three weeks, Bay Area residents.

The Weekly “You The Real MVP” Award


What to Watch For in Week Five

Saint Louis Rams at Green Bay Packers. The Packers are stepping on teams like kids stepping on mushrooms doing a Godzilla impression, but the Rams have some hops left in them, especially in their running game. See how far they can get playing spoilers to the Aaron Rogers monolith.

Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders.

New England Patriots at Dallas Cowboys.

What Not To Watch in Week Five

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans (Thursday Night). Man these Thursday games are turning out to be real bummers. The Colts sat Andrew Luck and squeaked out something, but even the Texans defense is so out of it they’re not fun to watch.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles.