Sorry Jets fans

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Rex Ryan as Jabba the Hut

I was going to add “your team won't win the Super Bowl this year” to the title, but after seeing them get all excited about needing overtime to beat the Mangenius, one week after getting taken to OT by the losing-est team in NFL history, I felt just leaving it at “Sorry Jets fans” was appropriate.

Why are Jets fans so sorry anyway? Some people like to compare them to Mets fans, but this is a disgrace to Mets fans everywhere. First off, the Mets have won a title in the past 25-years. Secondly, we (yes, I'm a Mets fan) embrace our shittyness. We've come to expect disastrous collapses and epic made-for-TV drama that will inevitably end badly. But not Jets fans. Oh no, squeaking out wins over the leagues worst teams have them screaming “Super Bowl!” louder than Jabba the Ryan can scream “More Food!”

But that's neither here nor there. The sad reality is that these people are clinging to the idea that this team, led by an anchor baby and a receiver who likes to throw glasses at women, are destined to make it to the Super Bowl. The experts will call their recent OT wins “responding to adversity,” and Jets fans would like to believe this is a sign that Mark Sanchez is “maturing,” but does anyone in their right mind think a team who needs overtime to beat the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns is a Super Bowl contender? Really?

Only two of the Jets seven wins have come against teams with winning records, one of those being the just over .500 Miami Dolphins. The rest of the teams they beat have a combined 12-33 record, and that includes the two wins by Buffalo and Denver this past week. Going into the season they had the 16th easiest/hardest schedule in the league, exactly in the middle. The two opponents with decidedly different records this year than in 2009 are the Bills and Minnesota Vikings, so their schedule is actually easier than predicted.

Jets fans will undoubtedly turn a blind eye to these stats. And in a season of ridiculous parody, the Jets might look like contenders who will most likely make the playoffs. But make no mistake, they are pretenders who will not be prepared for the caliber of play they'll need to go deep into the post season. They're only a Braylon Edwards drop or two away from being exactly what they are: The NY Mets of football.

Sadly, Jets fans just refuse to accept that.