Wade Phillips Fired

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Wade Phillips fired

This one's for the SEO kids.

Has Wade Phillips been fired yet? Jerry Jones said heads will roll after getting crushed by Green Bay. ESPN reported he didn't show up to practice today, a clear sign something is up, right? Oh wait, turns out he just parked in a different spot. CBS has reported he's fired with a question mark, Sports Illustrated says he should be fired, SBNation said he's “fired (soon)“, the Faster Times made their week 10 prediction that Phillips will be fired, this blog preceded it with the word rumor, and of course, there's the obligatory fire Wade Phillips blog.

For the record, I've predicted he would get fired two weeks in a row, so stop biting me Faster Times. But, seriously, I think this kind of scrutiny is a bit overblown. Is someone's job status—aside from the President's—worth being the #1 trending topic in the country? Let alone a football coach?

So let me set the record straight. No question marks. No reports. No suffix that implies I'm leading you on. Wade Phillips has been fired. Do I have proof? No. But let me say it again.

Wade Phillips has been fired.

Put that in your SEO pipe and smoke it.

UPDATE: Looks like he really has been fired.