The Burroughs – “The Slip” & “Forever In Love”

Post Author: Myles Hunt

Colorado funk-soul unit stuns with a pair of late summer singles

Welcome to the freshest music of August 2019! An explosion of sounds have erupted from every corner of the globe and listeners are basking in the wonder that unfolds. A fine addition to the worldwide score arrives from a nine-piece group of Coloradans, The Burroughs. With their latest singles “The Slip” and “Forever in Love,” via Color Red, the stunning live act are set to soak up the sun with a breeze. Listeners will naturally join in for the festivities.

The musical soul legend James Brown provided the necessary essence for “The Slip.” A dialogue permeates the track filled with glorious funky horns. It is a conversation via music that begs the listeners to pay close attention. As The Burroughs declare, “the lyrics tell a tongue-in-cheek story of dodging the pressures of modern life, where everyone sometimes wishes they could ‘slip’ out of their obligations.” Lead by Johnny “RedBird” Burroughs, he tackles this vibe through and through with his fierce pronouncements. Music fans will notice the never ceasing twirl of their feet as this song carries them across endless time.

Meanwhile, “Forever in Love” is the epitome of the season with a focus on mountainous Colorado. It is as smooth and as catchy as a day outside in the grass should be. With some oomph to support, the track welcomed the sweltering heat. A solid groove lingers to cool listeners off. Music fans are sure to be jiving down the street wearing their sunglasses with pride. It is a new slice of polished tunes for the enjoyment of all. Horns hold sway yet again as funk reigns supreme. The Burroughs are just fantastic in every way.

Give a listen to “The Slip” and “Forever in Love” below via SoundCloud: