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The Sadies, Dallas Good

As a fan of IMPOSE, I find it very daunting to post things for all you smug little know-it-alls so I've decided to make a best of… Fun for those who already know my picks (because they're so great) and cool for those who don't (because they're so great). I am so completely not computer savvy so these links probably won't even work right. Good times!

My first official entry. If you don't like this, no need to read on.

This is kind of cool. I'm not a big Lenny fan. I guess that's why I like this footage.

Jerry Reed would be my best friend if he was alive and willing to let me follow him around.

In a word, ugh.

Oh I love this band. Their record … not so hot. This is a cover of Les Hou-Lops also from Quebec. J'AIME LES MOUSSES!

This one is pure psych. Enjoy.

I love Buffy Sainte-Marie the best. She's the main reason I love YouTube.

Sun Ra please come back to earth. We miss you so much.

This is really great and I forgot to share it. Roger's a little cranky but…

I broke my leg last year. It sucked. Be careful out there.

I need to rest up. This is exhausting. Last one.

Seriously last one. Thanks for watching.