Foreign Born

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What's going on for the dudes of Foreign Born? Like literally what has been going on for you this very day?

Well, we filmed a few tunes for TV this morning, then it was straight back to work for me – diggin holes in the ground at the park where I work. I suppose the rest of the guys crawled back into their dark, recording studio caves.

I watched that video of you guys just walking down an alley, playing music. Do you guys do that often?

Bi-weekly. It's kind of our “us-time”.

It was on Swedish TV right? Do you guys have a following in Sweden?

Yeah, it's ginormous. I mean really huge, like crowds-meet-us-at-the-plane huge. It's embarrassing.

I also noted that you guys seem to have mastered the dark art of uber-chill. Is this true?

Only someone else trained in the dark arts can recognize one of their own. So I think that answers your question.

On the new album, you also seem to have mastered this mellow/epic balance, as best noted in the chorus of the opener “Blood Oranges.” It's really beautiful, but really sorta bad ass, any comments on how to pull this off?

To be beautiful and bad-ass at the same time takes years of training and hard work, I can't just explain it in this one interview. But I will tell you that part of the regimen includes drinking raw eggs every morning.

Does living in L.A. influence your songwriting?

It makes it awesome.

This album is totally a summer record, and it's out right at the beginning of summer. Still, you have a song called “Winter Games.” Are you guys glass half empty or half full types?

It really depends if there's beer in the glass or not.

Is there some sort of underlying theme in Person to Person?

T.C.B. – Taking Care of Business, and apparently serving as a soundtrack to summer barbecues across America.