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Lillian and Hannah from Grass Widows here.

Without delay:

Mantles, “Don't Lie”

What is wrong with this song? It is so good! Every band should just stop now. The best song ever has already been written. I tear up when I see his song live. Gush.

Brilliant Colors, “English Cities”

This is such a great song and it showcases each band member's amazing talent. I love this song.

Rainbow Bridge, “Big Wave Rider”

This song seems to sum up a moment or a feeling really well. Also -there is a sense of humor-the kind where you're not sure if they're laughing with you or what. The video is awesome.

In the tube.

Bee Gees, “Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You”

Been rockin' this on the juke box a lot lately. I like the Gregorian monk style chanting. The A side “Holiday” is also an awesome song. I love pre-falsetto fever Bee Gees. Cool cello too.

–Hannah Lew

Hobocop, “Berkeley Is A Biodome”

This song makes me feel like I've got my head out the car window, wind in my hair, on my way to do something bad ass. I can never decipher the lyrics, but the song titles (Beautiful Hippy, Chump School, Dawn of the Wanker, etc) kind of say it all.

Chin Chin, “Even If It's A Lie”

Here we are rocking and rolling our way out of misery and injustice again. The harmonica solo is very uplifting. This is off their full length re issued by Slumberland and Mississippi Records.

The Zombies, “Brief Candles”

It's kind of like their version of Eleanor Rigby. There's an eerie delay on the piano at the end that is panned to make you feel like you're in an empty room. Next time you're home sick, turn down the volume on Sense and Sensibility and start this album (Odyssey and Oracle) as soon as the Colombia Picture logo appears. It has it's moments.

John Frusciante, “Moments Have You”

“I've been used to help the body of work that will never be”. As though he was met with a sudden rush of inspiration, a message from the other side, and all he had was a keyboard with with pop song pre-sets. Well, you do what you can. One can dance like a drunk dummy to this song, read the lyrics afterward and feel deep. The best pop songs all share this kind of duality. “Moments have you to play around with / 'cause inside actions there is no time.” Why not? Of course.

Rank/Xerox, “Muscle Dogs”

Another jam for the bad-ass car ride. I imagine the end has you pulling up to a vacant lot at the base of the mountain someone bet you 50 million you couldn't climb. This song is on a split tape we did with them on the Wizard Mountain label. I love this band, I love seeing them live. I love playing charades with them. They're finishing up recording a new full length at this very moment! I can't wait.

Lillian Maring