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Lumerians are a Space Rock quintet from Oakland, CA. Their new LP, Transmalinnia comes out March 1. This is a sampling of the music we were listening to while recording the album.

Microman, “Bases and Vehicles”

The Micromen were diminutive cyborgs hailing from Micro Earth that by day disguised themselves as children's toys. There must have been a crazy music scene on Micro Earth cuz this is one fat slab of nasty-ass robot porn.

Omar Souleyman, “Llansob Sherek”

Omar Souleyman is a war cry. Great traveling music. We listen to this very loud when we drive our battle cruiser through the desert and pretend we're in the middle east. This also clearly illustrates that you can never have too many Casio laser tom hits. Just keep'em coming.

Los Amaya, “Caramelos”

Formed in 1969, Los Amaya were Spanish gypsy soul brothers that played a bastard style of music called Rumba Catalan. It's a mix of Afro-Cuban, and Spanish Flamenco with a lil bit of funk and soul thrown in for good measure. These dudes have it all. Check out their matching black turtle necks and dedicated clapping virtuosos. Everything from the crazy glasses to the synchronized dancing is spot on.
This will wake your ass up up quicker than a Four Loko tallboy.

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou Dahomey, “Gbeti Madjro”

Vodoun rhythms with electric keyboards and guitars. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou are a legendary group from Benin with an incredible repertoire of recordings. This one is from the early 70s. YOW! YOW! YOOOOOW!

Le Orme, “Ad Gloriam”

Le Orme put out two Great records before they slipped down into the greasy pit of prog obscenity. Ad Gloriam is a perfect offering of sunshine psych that will make the weather in your brain tropical, if only for a little while.

The Index, “Israeli Blue”

The Index were from Gross Point, Michigan and released a handful of very small run records in the late 60s. They definitely stood apart from the rest of the Detroit Sound (or any of the other garage bands of the time) but never got the attention they deserved.

Bernard Fevre, “Cosmic Rays”

Bernard Fevre was a French library music composer. He's also the genius behind classic “Black Devil Disco Club”.
The clip is from the British cult-classic television series Star Maidens. Dope.

Space Art, “Speedway”

Dude has a fucking flaming skateboard.

The Droids, “The Force”

1976. The French have been on the same tip for a while. Or maybe Daft Punk like to dig through the annals of 70s art weirdness too. Some ideas have a lot of life in them.

Goblin, “Profundo Rosso”

Goblin! I don't think I have to explain this.

Raquel Welch, “Space-Girl Dance”

At one time Raquel Welch was the hottest girl in the galaxy. The music ain't too shabby either.

Noor Jahan, “I Am Very Sorry”

There's really something for everybody in this clip. Griddle-hot synth lines, thick ladies, glitter turbans, makeup beards and the fucking colors, man.

Las Grecas, “Anabalina”

Las Grecas were badass Spanish Gypsy sisters. Flamenco psych funk with eastern melodies – which is a pretty cool combination. We've been getting a lot of mileage out of this song. Sounds good cranked real loud.

Nese Karaböcek, “Yali Yali”

If you wanna see Lumerians hop awkwardly at your next backyard BBQ play this song. I think Nese Karabocek was a big deal in Turkey in the 70s. She looks totally crazed in the 45 cover. Turkey owned the 70s disco funk bass line.

Chrome, “New Age” (Version 1)

San Francisco punk/post punk/industrial pioneers. Chrome are often overlooked when people review San Francisco's musical legacy. Chrome formed in 1976. This song is from 1980.

Amanaz, “History of Man”

(Embedding disabled. View here)

Zamrock classic from 1975. I think there were shared members between Witch and Amanaz. Cowbell, Fuzz, Sabbath Riffs and one super gravely vocalist. He sounds like he gargles scorpions to forget the horrors he's seen.

Witch, “Strange Dream”

More great 70s rock from Zambia. This is the Witch referenced above. J Mascis does not play drums on this album.

Cold Sun, “Here in the Year”

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Cold Sun should have been as big as the Elevators, except nobody heard them and this 1969 recording wasn't even released until 1989. So much going on in this song. The interplay between guitar and electric autoharp sounds almost like Television. The guitar eventually dissolves into feedback drones while the autoharp plods on undeterred.

François De Roubaix, “Les Dunes D'Ostende”

Soundtrack to Daughters of Darkness (1976), it's French and from the 70s – two recurring themes of our records collections. Amazing orchestration. Did Doom sample this? I don't want to know.

Tangerine Dream, “Betrayal”

Tangerine Dream, dude. Woooooooo. This song was so badass it was used both as the theme to Sorcerer and then later The Warriors.

The Worst Thing I Ever Saw On Public Access TV

This hurdy gurdy man is singing songs of life. We strongly disagree with the title of this video and considered reposting it with a different title. Hurdy gurdies are totally killer. Long after the digital conversion blackout, this video should be continuously broadcast into outer space, in order to greet potential alien visitors and to let them know we mean business.