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Here are a few songs that I've listened to at least a thousand times each. These are songs that will help you when you feel directionless, hopeless, beaten, suicidal. Dwell on these, be healed, be thankful, then get moving again. And remember that “we must bring our own light into the darkness.”

Leonard Cohen, “Minute Prologue”

A beautiful introduction to songwriting and life and to this playlist.

Townes Van Zandt, “Nothin”

My favorite song by my favorite songwriter taken from a deep night holiday inn session in houston.

Jackson C. Frank, “Blues Run The Game”

Alot of people cover this song (and rightfully so).

Paul Simon, “American Tune”

The statue of liberty has drifted far away to sea. Wake the fuck up.

Harry Nilsson, “Life Line”

A literally PERFECT performance. The shot of the crowd at the end just adds even more to it.

Franz Wright, “Reading for Poets House in Rockefeller Park, Battery City – Manhattan”

These poems are more of an afterthought, a heavy afterthought.