Safety In Music: Q&A with Oliver Spalding

Post Author: Myles Hunt

U.K. singer-songwriter talks Novemberism, 2020 touring plans, and pushing songwriting boundaries

Last year was full of stunning tunes from across the globe. Oliver Spalding stood out as one such musician who elevated the craft well into 2020 with the release of Novemberism. The Brighton-based singer-songwriter is relishing the success and seems to be ready for more art to come. He was kind enough to share his thoughts on this ambitious project and his hopes for the new year ahead. 

So, you have had quite the end of the year with the release of Novemberism, how does it feel?

It feels great to finally have it out in the world! It almost felt like therapy finally letting go of the songs. Usually I’m constantly thinking about what’s next but this time I’ve taken a few weeks to just step back and enjoy the moment, it’s been very surreal!

Your eclectic explosion throughout the medium of music is apparent from your work, do you have any future projects you hope to achieve?

I have been working on an Americana project called Embasan with my very good friend Jack Watts for the last few years. It’s very traditional and personal songwriting and I can’t wait to get it finished.

What are your hopes for 2020?

I hope to get Novemberism on the road as I didn’t even tour in 2019, so I feel like it’s about time to play some shows. I also want to start doing some more collaboration work. It’s clearly going to be a busy year as always ha-ha.

Do you have any fun plans coming up?

I wish! It’s all hard work for me for the foreseeable. I haven’t earned the rest yet. There’s still so much to do and work towards! Maybe one day!

What do you notice is unique about writing in the UK, especially in this strange point in its history?

The safety in music! The popular stuff just doesn’t change because it’s safe sonically. It’s mostly repetitive and without passion nothing ever tends to give me goosebumps or shivers anymore. I like to push the boundaries with artists and write songs that are uncomfortable but also freeing from the normality of safety. I feel as though the UK is full of writers and artists that are feeling exactly the same way.

Give a listen to Novemberism below and keep an eye out for more music from Oliver Spalding in 2020!