Show You Suck’s favorite 80s babes

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Show You Suck

The Dude Bro EP is very much inspired by 80s/early 90s pop culture. I had the idea of it being a story told from the aspect of a teenager. Sound wise I wanted it to be very synth heavy, theres some New Wave influence. And visually I want it to look like it took place in a suburb close to South Beach. Colorful and super chill.


Rae Dawn Chong is actually the daughter of Tommy Chong (of Cheech and Chong). She played Sarah is this really rad movie called Soul Man about this white dude that poses as a black guy so he can get a scholarship to Harvard. What I found really rad about Rae is the fact that she never played any rationally stereotypical roles which seemed to be a really difficult thing to do in the 80s. She’s also in my favorite horror movie of all time, Tales from the Dark Side, she plays this weird gargoyle thing. The girl has hella range!

Jessica Lange was most memorable for me as her role as Julie in the movie Tootsie. I used to watch that often as a young lad because it ran as the Saturday matinee on channel 50. Other than that I don’t know much about her. In the 90s she starred opposite of Halle Berry in the movie Losing Isaiah, that movie was hella sad. I don’t like it much. She was topless in the movie The Postman Always Rang Twice so I felt she fit the topic of the song.

Lisa Bonet is best known as her role as Denise Huxtable in the Cosby Show. She never showed her boobs in any 80s movies but I had a huge crush on her and she was the “wild child” of all the Cosby kids so only added to my infatuation of her. I felt that referencing her added to the overall 80s theme of the song and EP, didn’t really have anything to do with boobs. She embodied everything that was kind of cool about teens in 80s movies; style, taste in music, tons of attitude. She’s just awesome and she gave birth to Zoe Kravitz which happens to be another celebrity crush of mine.

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