The tour diary of Antwon & Mish Way

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Antwon Instagram

Antwon and Mish Way of White Lung spent half of November touring the West Coast. Their travels took them into the deep-seeded weirdness of the Southern West with stops in Austin for Fun Fun Fun Fest, Las Vegas for depravity on the Strip, and a homecoming at the Rickshaw Stop. Comradery ran high between Antwon and his tourmates in White Lung, as the crews took a lot of selfies, traded articles of clothing, and managed to leave Kenny Williams nearly every group photo. Below is a tour diary, as told through captions to Antwon and Mish's Instagram accounts.

Antwon (follow him @antwonature)

This was at some McDonalds on our way to Strummers for the Fresno show. Looks very cute. I ate two of the new burgers on the Value Menu. They both were terrible. Iunno what McDonalds is thinking sometimes. They should make more desert options.

I think this was on the long ass drive from San Diego to Las Cruces. This picture pretty much explains itself. We made our Joey for sure pull over and take this pic of us. Sup Joey.

This is me and Hether Fortune. She fronts the band Wax Idols but she filling in on bass for White Lung on this tour. P sure she is now the new bassist. She looks really hot when she plays bass so why the hell wouldn't they put her on. But yeah, here we have switched hats and Hether wearing her mask she got at some truck stop. lol. And my nigga Blaque Chris said I'm wearing coochie cuters.

This booty belong to my friend Shannon's friend named Jenny. AMV took this pic. Very unofficial but I knew she woulda lemme get the official pic but the thangs kicked in and ya know.

This obviously something you would only see in Las Vegas. STAND STRONG.

This night was turnt as fuck. I had no idea why we went to delirium but we had fun. This was the last night of tour. It was short and all but awesome sendoff.

This was right before White Lung played their set at the last show. I think we was tryna take a tour pic but it's always missing Kenny. 🙁

Mish Way of White Lung (follow her @myszkaway)

Touring means you spend, like, 60 percent of your time walking in and out of gas stations and buying dumb stuff. We stopped and our drummer Anne-Marie found these dolls at the gas station. We both love creepy dolls, so we saw them and immediately contemplated buying them, using them instead of our own bodies on stage. But the dolls were like $20 and that was too expensive for a dumb joke, so we made Kenny take this photo and then he died a little more inside.

We played the Black Stage at FFF which Body Count played on later that day. We took advantage of our artist passes to get this photo taken. Coco is beautiful. Body Count was exactly what we wanted. We were happy Ice-T smiled for us.

This photo was taken at 5 a.m. after Hether split her head stage diving at Cro-Mags.

When we played Rhythm Room in Phoenix the bartender named Mona started talking to us after the show. She was wearing a Ceremony shirt. Out of nowhere Mona takes me into the back room to show me this doll “Baby Head Chicken Dick”, a mop with a Barbie head on it and a rubber dildo that she suctioned to the desk and flung around. She was cool.

We skipped Las Vegas on every other tour but played it this time. It was great until this creep decided to tell me he had a “wife but it didn't matter, if you know what I mean”, then tried to kiss me. This was taken on the strip right before we went to Denny's where Hether almost got in a fist fight with some drunk English men who wouldn't leave us alone and I nearly fell asleep at the table.

When girls stay in hotel rooms together on tour we all shower together and walk around in our underwear and we make out all the time. Seriously! Whoa! Not. When we are doing stuff like this Kenny runs away to the gym, sometimes he goes and lounges by the hotel pool by himself until we are done recreating ridiculous fantasies that live in the deep coils of the male mind. Sometimes we catch him lounging, thinking about how awesome his life would be if he weren't in a band with three mental patients.

This was taken outside of Rickshaw in SF after our last show together. I think most people in this photo are high.