A Q&A with Liza Anne as she prepares for SXSW

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Nashville Singer-Songwriter Liza Anne released her newest superlative album “Fine But Dying” on March 9th of this year and it has received nothing but good plaudits since its drop. This being Liza Anne’s most passionate album yet to date, fans get to listen and make some sort of relative connection with the artist’s experiences. We get to hear meaningful stories about what Liza Anne has endured and what she has come to realize over the years in her new empowering album “Fine But Dying”. Check out the hypnotizing video for the track “Closest To Me” below.

Finally, SXSW is upon us and is happening in Austin, TX with days of performances by many talented and emerging artists. Liza Anne will definitely be there of course with a handful of live shows announced. Below we ask her some interesting questions so we can get to know her better!

What genre of music do you consider your work to be?

Liza: Whatever mood I am in any given moment.

Who are the major influences on your sound?

Liza: The Cranberries and Feist.

What setting and mood do you typically have to be in to write new material?

Liza: Some form of desperation. I have to write out of necessity. I cannot just write to write a song. There has to be something difficult I’m trying to explain without being interrupted.

If you could choose three albums that are a must listen to what would they be?

Liza: Loner from Caroline Rose. The Noise Made by People from Broadcast. Blue from Bantug.

What got you into writing music in the first place?

Liza: Like I said above about writing, I think I have always just wanted a space where I was in control and where people wouldn’t interrupt me before I got to the point I was trying to make. My journey into music started from my poems and then I learned guitar at a summer camp.

If you could be any vegetable or fruit, what would you be and why?

Liza:  A pomegranate. Because they taste good and feel rare in comparison to other fruits. But, I think being a fruit would be sad regardless. So, I’d rather just continue the relationship I have with pomegranates now instead of becoming one myself.