Luxxury releases the groove "Be Good 2 Me"

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Introducing the matured sound of today’s disco/funk and pop genre, Luxxury releases the Be Good 2 Me EP with a 4-track arrangement of solid motivational dance music. With the power of disco comes a great love and passion for Blake Robin and not only has he reconnected the genre to keep it alive, he has manipulated the style in his own unique way and is still somehow keeping the roots.
Blake shares some words below,

“Be Good 2 Me’ was inspired by that 1979 moment when rock bands like Kiss, The Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart all made their token ‘disco song.’ I was also inspired by  the melodic punk basslines of The Clash’s ‘The Magnificent Seven’ and Hot Chocolate’s ‘Every 1’s A Winner”, with its funk stomp and heroic electric guitar line.” 
“I love the intersection of disco, funk, rock and pop, all with a dash of post-punk ‘we can barely play our instruments’ attitude. But rather than Autotuning and Pro-Tooling everything to perfection I like to leave a lot of rough edges intact, but with modern production to give it an updated dancefloor thump.”

Luxxury gives us something that is pure and incomparable in the new single “Be Good 2 Me”. Robin has absorbed the soul of disco itself and is truly keeping it alive and well. He is taking all of his inspirations and recycling them into something that works exceptionally well together. He also knows that we need to hear those deep and potent bass lines with stabbing power rock riffs so we can really boogie.