Al Lover offers remix odes to Beasties' loss

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Al Lover

Coping with loss takes many forms. For example, I bought Check Your Head and the “Cookypuss” single and jammed those for two days straight, while reading Dan LeRoy's 33 1/3 series contribution on Paul's Boutique. LeRoy references a study on nostalgia and its heightened presence in times of unrest as playing an influential role for the Beastie's use of nostalgia on the record. No doubt, it must ring equally true in times of loss. He also cites the old Velvet Underground axiom about a modestly sold record birthing a band with each listen, writing “Everyone who purchased Paul's Boutique didn't also buy a sampler, yet many people who did have made their own profound contributions to music history.”

For Al Lover, he's honored the deceased with remixes. Much like his dedication to Captain Beefheart, his remixes serve as both homage and insight into his influences. Previously, we caught a glimpse into his psych-weirdness and experimental bravery. For his remixes to “Car Thief” and “Stop That Train”, we are exposed to yet another footnote as to why Paul's Boutique is one of the most influential records of all-time. Our guess is, Al Lover is one of those dudes who bought a sampler based on hearing this record.

In honor of a great man, Adam Yauch – who throughout my formative years onto adulthood inspired me in countless ways, I have remixed a couple track from one of the greatest hip hop records ever recorded, Paul's Boutique. This album has had such an impact on my life and my art and I wouldn't be doing what I do today without it. Rest in Peace MCA, you were a beautiful person and may the positive impact of your life and creativity vibrate through the universe eternally.