hs. – Slip And Slide

Post Author: Aidan Grant

The Oregon-Based Songwriters Share an Effervescent New EP

Production & songwriting duo hs. (Short for Honorscout) have been writing music to complement their idyllic surroundings. Growing up alongside the Rogue National River Forest, the enigmatic songwriters have always found inspiration from their environment.

Leaning across elements of pop, electronica and even jazz – The new EP showcases two complete musicians with a care-free attitude to genre & form. ‘Slip and Slide’ sways from melodic, to biting drum sounds effortlessly, on the new EP the duo state

“‘slip and slide’ explores the feeling of longing for something great and all-encompassing all the while not necessarily knowing what that is. Do you know the feeling? When you have an overwhelming amount of emotion inside to achieve some great love or at least your stitched together idea of it.”