Izzy Frances – “You Lost The War”

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U.K. songwriter drops stunning stunning debut single

Songwriter Izzy Frances has always been fascinated with the link between music and psychology. From studying Neuroscience at university, she’s developed a keen understanding for the link between music and the mind. She began performing at a young age and wrote her first track in her early teenage years, and soon found a therapeutic quality in writing music about her own life experiences.

“I’ve felt strongly about things that have happened in the books I’ve read or things that have happened in my friends’ and family’s lives and often then the songs just kind of pour out,” she says.

After a long time writing and deliberating over her next move, she’s now beginning her artistic journey with “You Lost The War” – an emotive piece of songwriter-pop that showcases her raw talent.

“(YLTW) was written by myself, Helen Boulding and Jonas Persson,” she states. “It’s about getting back up when you’ve been pushed down, not letting the bad guys win and not letting them define who you are or how you live your life. I hope it helps people to feel empowered and remind them of their own strength.” Listen to it below via Soundcloud.