Kisos – “sweet nothings” EP

Breakup songs are the quintessential material for most songwriters, yet they always find new ways to communicate these familiar stories to listeners. On, sweet nothings, Kisos guides us through the five stages of grief: bargaining, denial, anger, depression, and acceptance, as he recovers from a heartbreak.

Largely self-produced (with additional co-production from Anna Wang, Jo Lee, and Kyle Patrick), the EP grapples with the purest forms of emotion, fresh and uncensored. About the writing process, Kisos says, “Originally I was having a ‘teardrops on my guitar’ moment, screaming and/or crying voice memo songs into my phone, but over time I realized I’d created this perfect capsule of my pain, insecurities, anger, and revelations as I worked through this heartbreak.”   

Elegant, somber flutes soar on EP opener “We’re Falling,” followed by the project’s most polished pop production “Happily Ever After.” Kisos switches it up with fiery hip hop bars on “#Perks” and cools down to an unpredictably bouncy ballad with “I Still Remember.” And finally sweet nothings is capped off by “He Didn’t Want Me,” which shines at the explosive bridge, bringing the project to a blunt, cathartic close.

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