Sunday Premiere – Wooter "Messin Around"

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

As winter time briskly falls upon us all, around this time we usually are in search for some Fall feeling tunes. The master of music has done it again with another hit that will inspire and motivate you this Sunday. Rowan Brind has always been a writer and picked up on the guitar very naturally, this year each album has its unique inspiration that you will hear. He will be releasing each song individually every Sunday through the end of the year.
The one and the only tells us about his new track “Messin Around”,
“This song is actually what started off the vibe of this last album “Credits”. I originally had 13 other demos that I had planned on finishing for Credits and then my other band Steady Sun opened for this folk-pop sort of artist and while watching him I thought to myself “I can do that”. And so I went home and tried to make a simple pop tune and this is what ended up coming out.”

The contemporary foundation heard in “Messing Around” introduces us to one of Wooters most interesting tracks. Rowan works his way into your soul with his multi-instrumental knowledge and with his highly addictive vocal melodies and patterns. Wooter gives us so many examples of the different types of music that inspires him each week. He has the unique talent of showing us the capacity of his special ability’s to relate that to the listeners.