Tiny Elephant "Nocturnous"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Tiny Elephant is a story about a boy named Tiny who is lost in the dream world trying to find his way. He has his Elephant companion with him as he travels through the wild landscapes. Each song represents an encounter in which he uses his music to either fight off the deadly Nocturnous who is trying to imprison him to for eternity. Many of his friends are lost as well and he uses his gift of music to save everyone.

Artists articulate a story or an experience through their music and leave it up to the listener to give it imagery. The artistic abilities that Tiny posses are brilliant, and It’s the start of what could be a long and successful career. Not only is the story packed with imagination, but the music fits perfectly well with the characters and setting. Check out the inspiring story of the highly listenable track “Nocturnous”.
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