EYE makes a mixtape

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Yamataka Eye has the mixtape fever.

A highly respected artist/musician/band leader with one of the best psychedelic rock groups in the world was bitten by nostalgia for the cassette and the mixtape. This mix happens to be a CD, though, from what I've read, it seems like it was all sourced from old cassettes, so let's call it good enough to pass for this column.

The music is a single hour long track of mashed together music that in no way belies the title. This is acid garage rock. Scorching solos, psychedelic, baroque 60's pop funneled through a lo-fidelity lens and enough tribal drumming, vocal harmonies and electronics to make you think Eye pulled a fake-out and released a new album without telling anyone. It is very, very Boredoms.

It's also awesomely rare and mysterious. EYE made it for an art exhibit that he put on in Osaka earlier this year, lovingly handcrafting each mix CD as a personalized, one of a kind piece of art. From what I've read, he made less than 50, and left off track listing or crediting.

This also works out for you, the listener. As it is beyond sold-out and anyone reselling it would probably be doing so at a cost that would mock our global recession, we're offering a full download of it. Enjoy and please post if you have more info.

Flyer for the exhibition.

Photo of the CDs being sold.

Download it here.