Fat Tony and Juiceboxxx at Glasslands Gallery

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On Tuesday, June 12th Fat Tony and Tom Cruz's Double Dragon tour hit Glasslands Gallery with Juiceboxxx (who promised a sedate show since he had an ankle which had swollen up to the size of an orange before crawling all over the place), Harlem's AMAZING Rat King (seriously. mind altering), and the wonderful Old Money. Everything was dope on stage and penicillin for your ills, for real.

Download Fat Tony and Tom Cruz's Double Dragon here.

Download everything from Juiceboxxx here (I say start with Thunderzone Volume one)

Get more info on the Rat King crew from here. Download Wiki's tape here.

Get more info on Old Money here and check out the music here.

This shit right here is why I love hip hop and advocate showing up early to shows.

Hey, that dude’s not fat.