Pitchfork Festival 2010 Recap

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In other news: sun is
hot, bros drink Heineken

The only two acts at Pitchfork to brandish Hennessey on stage this year were without coincidence my two favorites: Freddie Gibbs and Major Lazer.

It was really hot. There were people everywhere, maybe 20% more than last year. The price of water was lowered from $2 to $1 after the first day to encourage people to stay conscious. Baseball diamond dust created swirling clouds of dirt that served as a kind of visual meter for awesomeness (more dancing = more dust; Major Lazer kicked up a sandstorm.) Corporate sponsorship, expensive (albeit tasty) food, Amp Energy Drink Zync by American
Express Toyota Antics Henieken Light Threadless Clif Bar Greyhound.

Despite all that, everyone had fun, which can’t be said about
every other behemoth music festival in the states.

The standout acts of what I caught were Delorean, Titus
Andronicus, Broken Social Scene, LCD Soundsystem, Lightning Bolt, Sleigh Bells
and the aforementioned Lazer/Gibbs. The best acts at a music festival create
energy and some sets were Amp®ed up more than most. For example, it was nice to
hear Panda Bear’s “Tomboy” played in its entirety but you could lay down in the
crowd and take a nap without fear. The dude just stood there. Which is cool and
all; I got you, Noah. But that kind of music is best experienced without the
body odor of 35,000 other people as adjunct sensory input. If I’m smelling your
festival BO, it better be because I just got moshed into your armpit.

Here’s a rundown of what was notable and what sucked each
day of the fest. Overall it was a successful endeavor and the lineup was well
worth the money spent. That being said, if the crowds continue to grow as
exponentially as they have in recent years that cost to value ratio could
rapidly drop off. I mean, hell, I’m not tryin’ to go to Bonnaroo up in this
Union Park thang; if I wanted that I’d go to Lolapalooza.