Underground America 2011

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Impose has eyes on thr ground. Our photographers capture live music moments every night of the week, from concerts with legendary performers at huge halls to intimate house shows in living rooms and basements. Every year we spotlight our favorite photos from the thousands we see, and show them as a four-day series. On our first day, we spotlight the underground. What's happening at the smoky DIY venues? What have the freaks been up to? There are photographs here from venues gone by – SIlent Barn, the Showpaper 42nd Street Gallery, the Market Hotel, Monster Island/Secret Project Robot – and there are photos of bands that can probably never play a DIY venue again without major police issues, like pretty boy Ty Segall. It's amazing to see the transitions, and to know that by the end of 2012, we'll have a whole new set of openings, closures, huge bands that we saw “way back then” and incredibly fun memories.

What the freaks have been up to.