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Flight's new single and EP

Here's one of the weirdest tracks of the summer.

Washed Out, “Hold Out”

Going on tour is fun and white people can't dance.

Ducktails' new Seinfeld related track

Wale ain't the only one putting out music relating to Seinfeld.

Fungi Girls/Indian Wars split 7-inch

This solo will make your asshole pucker up.

New Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan video and LP

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan team up again on their latest album.

New Lil' Wayne track and interview

Drake finally doesn't sound half asleep on this one either.

Teengirl Fantasy announce album, release new single

The True Panther group might have just released the dance hit of the summer/fall.

Sisters vs. Tuvan Throatsinging at Silent Barn

Party in the front, opium den in the back.

You can still hear fake Daft Punk's Tron Legacy score on Youtube

Holy shit, new fake Daft Punk dude.

Nick Cave to help write The Crow reboot

In case you're not aware, Nick Cave is a total badass.

King Khan & The Shrines announce fall tour dates

King Khan & The Shrines will announce 2 week tour across Midwest and Northeast.

JellyNYC Pool Party lineups announced

No Stooges? What the fuck!?!

Donnis, Fashionably Late

Donnis, never on a Canadian teen drama.

Lil' Boosie and the drug and murder climate of Baton Rouge

Somebody call David Simon and get The Wire: Baton Rouge Edition in the works.

Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj hijack Dirty Money's “Hello, Good Morning”

Featuring Nicki Minaj's ODB impression.

New Radiohead album “best we've ever made”

The band doesn't think it's a steaming pile of shit.

Matt and Kim's Fall 2010 tour

And an album, too.

Magic Kids announce Memphis

Hear their syrupy sweet "Summer".

Øya Festival announces lineup

Featuring the Godfathers of Punk, Ska and Chillwave.


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