Andy Suzuki & The Method, The Glass Hour

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Andy Suzuki & The Method are a Brooklyn based duo out with a new album, The Glass Hour. Drawing on their roots in R&B/soul, it was mastered by Chris Gehringer (Rihanna, Santigold, Lupe Fiasco). You can read more about this Brooklyn outfit on their site.

Throughout The Glass Hour is an incredible diversity of sound and consistent pop hooks. Opening track “Runaway” is evidence enough of that reality.
The drowned out percussion in “Fire” and slowed down vocals inevitably break open an initially somber atmosphere, transitioning into a still lyrically dark, but melodically therapeutic song. Radio play on this track honestly would not surprise anyone.
“Mama Told Me” is personally reflective, self-empowered journey in exploration of a romantic relationship.
“Fight” has one of the harsher starts out of the album, but within the first half minute, turns into what we would argue is the pinnacle of The Glass Hour. The rhythm picks up near the one minute mark, always slowing down for a pause outside the chorus. Pacing is certainly a consideration of the band, as listeners are walked through the song’s progression, able to keep up with the thoughts within the lyrics, and the instrumentation. Ultimately, the closing is most powerful and still sticks with us.
“Forgiven” is an interesting song from Andy Suzuki & The Method, with far more electronic elements than the others on the album. They even break up what would be a larger rock ballad within the song’s construction, before almost giving into it again before the last third of the track.
“Hold You” and its acoustic onset is a welcomed conclusion to the album. Diving into an introspective line of thought from the beginning, it isn’t easy to stray from empathizing or getting into your own thoughts and feelings.
The Glass Hour is a fantastic pop album from a group deserving of more recognition. 4/5.
You can support Andy Suzuki & The Method on Spotify and their Facebook.