Don Giovanni

Weed Hounds “Double Life”

Shoegaze worth waiting for

Aye Nako, Silver Haze


Sammus, Sad13, Vagabon, and Alter at Alphaville

Sammus brings Pieces in Space to Brooklyn with Sad13.

Listen to Priests in new Aidy Bryant short film, Darby Forever

Part of Vimeo’s Share the Screen initiative to get female-driven films made.

Giant Peach, “Unintentional”

Punk all over.

Bicoastal Wormhole: Shellshag Talks SF Punk Implosion and New York Lucidity

“No more judging people for combat boots, we wanted to desegregate.”

Antibodies, “absalom”

A new song from the newest Don Giovanni band.

Worriers, “Most Space”

A takedown of taking up space, both on the subway and in life.

Stream Worriers’ new album Imaginary Life

The entire Laura Jane Grace-produced album is available to hear.

Shellshag Premieres Season 2, Episode 10 of Shellshonic Shag-O-Vision

Featuring Ben Snakepit of Ghost Knife.

Screaming Females, “Empty Head”

Animation and live-action together is just plain cool.

Downtown Boys made a pilgrimage to Selena’s monument

Downtown Boys travel to the south with Screaming Females and three disposable cameras.

Worriers, “Yes All Cops”

Silence is a loaded gun.

Mal Blum is giving away their music (again) for free (for one day)

The third-annual daylong deal on their discography.

Izzy True, “Absolute Troll”

Pop meets literal sludge in the apotheosis of her Troll EP.

Don Giovanni

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