guided by voices

Livestream Of The Day (7/17): Guided By Voices

Indie rock legends to perform in empty venue in Dayton, OH

Week in Pop: Deep Cuts, Fatt Father, PANGS

Her Harbour, James Roehl, Max Gardener, Skela, Tredici Bacci, guest selections by Communist Daughter.

Guided By Voices, and Pujol at the Cannery Ballroom

The old is new again.

The Charlatans, Eyelids, and Dinowalrus at Webster Hall

The Charlatans’ US tour with Eyelids wraps up in Portland on Thursday.

Week in Pop: Bummer Vacation, Carl Creighton, Dinosaur Feathers, News For Lulu

Is/Is, Lazyeyes, Medicine, Solai, The Yetis, co-curated by Pictureplane.

Tomorrows Tulips, “Papers By The TV”

A song about a hobbit hut/party house by the Pacific Ocean.

Estrogen Highs, “Argyle Enthusiast”

New lo-fi track divulges the band’s fear of dad fashion.

Guided by Voices and Bobby Bare Jr. at Headliners Music Hall

GBV formed 31 years ago and is still going strong.

Joyce Manor’s favorite live performances

Lead vocalist Barry Johnson weighs in on the best in beer-crackin’ laptop watchin’.

Stream “A Thousand Pricks” by Journalism

It’s a lot smoother than you might expect.

Shark?, “Game of Pricks” (GBV Cover)

Compare three versions of the same song.

Cocktails, “Bob Pollard's Mind”

The age old question, "what's on Bob Pollard's mind?"

Week in Pop: Hellogoodbye, Picastro, Spotlight Kid

With exclusives and support from Dead Fame, Liphemra, Sombear, Split Screens & more.

Renny Wilson, “Lady Pain (Jay Arner remix)”

Canada's indie pop titans talk passion, fashion and pulled pork recipes.

Bill Baird, or his editor, sent me a big package…

Sifting through the self-deprecation for a Rock and Roll godsend placed here to kick ass.

guided by voices

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