News: The Chemical Brothers Announce Headline Show

The prolific electronic duo, originally from Edinburgh, have announced their first solo UK show at London’s Alexandra Palace on October 3rd.


Tally Spear, “Just Don’t Know”

Tally Spear is a testament to more than first meets the eye.

Peppermint Heaven, “You(Oscuro Remix)”

Rooney Talks Shop: El Cortez, the Ultrasonic Summer Tour, and Beyond

“You can’t just manufacture time.”

Pacemaker+ App Puts All Other Mix Making Apps to Shame

“The creativity we see from users is just amazing.”

Okeechobee Music Festival

Part I

Sarah Solovay Refused to Settle, and Her Blossoming Career is Proof

“So I parted ways with my management team, declined offers for recording contracts and focused on filling out college applications.”

Amber Mimz Talks Many Talents, Loves The Hell Out Of It

A woman of many talents.

Jesse Christiansen Talks 3 EP Series, Musical Past, & Living With Purpose

Music is a part of my deepest expression, art, passion, and voice when I don’t have one.

Sundance Institute Announces Film and Music Lineup for Sundance NEXT FEST, Aug. 12-14

August 12-14

Josh Butler Talks New EP Link

“It’s made with the dance floor in mind.”

DoublePlusGood, “Take Me Dancing”

We’d like to keep it in our back pocket, if you don’t mind.

KONGOS: Live Music, Citizenship, & A Message

They loved the idea of the Tokoloshe, of foreign superstition.

Bree’s “At Home” Playlist

Bree’s playlist.

So Below is Crazy Talented (She Also Doesn’t Discriminate When it Comes to Wine)



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