Pop music

NAVA – Skin

The Electronic Enigma Returns with a Powerful, Leftfield New Single

Tall Children – Why Should I Care

The UK Songwriter and Performer Calls Out Snowflake Culture..

Caswell – Distraction

The Suffolk-Based Pop Songwriter Explores Rebounds in a Candid Manner..

Harina – Liar

The German-Born Pop Songwriter Shares a Raw Pop Anthem.

Malory – ‘Killer Cut Offs’

Toronto-based bedroom pop artist soars on celebratory new album

Paria – “Despite All Crazy”

Nordic alt-pop powerhouse shares epic new single

Smoketown – “Runaway”

The Rising Producer Takes on a New Direction..

JINKA – “25 Minutes”

Berlin-based producer-songwriter is at her left-field best on new single

Eloise Viola – “Better Me”

London pop singer-songwriter drops raw and emphatic new single

Blanche – “Empire”

Enigmatic electr0-pop singer-songwriter returns with haunting video

Matt Simons – “Cold”

American singer-songwriter shares impassioned new ballad

Amy Milner – ‘Plans’

UK songwriter shares her strongest work to date

Marina Kaye – “The Whole 9”

French alt-pop singer-songwriter returns with driving new anthem

Jinka – ‘U Bit My <3'

Berlin songwriter-producer returns with her powerful electronic sounds

Ksenia – “Like It Or Not”

Ksenia’s Shares Vibrant New Single “Like It Or Not”

Pop music

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