Andrew Joslyn, “Plastic Heaven (Budo Remix)”

Post Author: Michael Brummett

“Plastic Heaven (Budo Remix)” is a revisit from Andrew Joslyn, having previously worked with Budo on the original beat for “Plastic Heaven”. Directed by Garrett Gibbons, and filmed along the Salton Sea in Southern California, the video is all about the plastic lifestyle that used to be. Now a bleak symbol of a once-opulent, destination resort, complete abandon and rotting carcasses are the new residents.

Other than Chris Kattan of SNL, that is, having a central feature in the music video. Channeling an ‘Inception’ like storyline, Chris Kattan is taking in “Plastic Heaven” in the most detached, unconcerned manner possible. That robe really ties that desert together, Chris.

Andrew Joslyn can be found on Facebook and Twitter, and his full-length album drops worldwide in February.