Brother Moses, “Crazy Eyes”

Post Author: Emily Chu
crazy eyes

Brother Moses‘s bio says, “We’ve been making music since we were babies. But we’ve gotten much better since then. We promise.” And they would be right. Made up of James Lockhart, Moses Gomez, John Lewis-Anderson, and Matthew Heckmann, the indie rock band is from Fayetteville, Arkansas. They’ve just announced their sophomore EP, Legends, and released their video for “Crazy Eyes.”

The video is fun and entertaining to watch. It starts out with a ‘Drummer Wanted’ sign, and a pretty, blonde, innocent looking girl auditions to join the band. She gets the gig goes on a date with a band member on the roof where he mysteriously ended up on the pavement. She starts dating another member who gets shot. The cycle continues to repeat as the band sings, “she could kill you over and over,” and the video visually complies. “Crazy Eyes” has a catchy melody and strong drums driving the song. Despite the deaths, the video is lighthearted and funny, all the way until the very last line, “thank god we made it out alive.” And then the last member member (ironically) gets hit by a car.

Legends will be released on August 26th, via Missing Piece Records.