Dylan Luster, “Soul Remains”

Post Author: Emily Chu

27 year old Dylan Luster from East Los Angeles is an indie folk artist with an unusual resume. Previous gravedigger and crematory operator, Luster’s working class roots shapes his music in a unique way, playing with themes of impermanence, bourgeois alienation, and the fraying of love.

While Luster’s EP just debuted, it’s the video for his track “Soul Remains” that caught our eye. Shot by photographer/director Nitin Vadukul, the video is completely black and white, while the strum of the guitar paired with the notes of the harmonica and the piano create a homegrown, small town feel. In the video, Luster walks out of a home and down cracked, concrete steps that are surrounded by overgrown grass and weeds. Luster ends up in a seemingly industrial part of a city- a definite juxtaposition from the first scene. Luster sings of how he’s “been working all night long” and how “they can break my body but the soul remains.” The scenery switches back to the familiar cracked steps of the small town home. This is an anthem that will soothe your soul and when Dylan sings of how he’s “tired of feeling this way,” it’s something everyone can surely relate to.

Dylan Luster’s self-titled debut EP was released on June 24th.