Premiere: Brøthers, “We Are Pushing On”

Brøthers are a pop group shrouded in mystery, a anonymous alliance who band together in the name of progressive synergetic syntheses. With little more information to go on other from what we are told are, "a band comprised of people who have been in other bands for a long time", Brøthers debut their informational-instructive collage work video for "We Are Pushing On" . With vintage stock footage assembled by Jessy Jamboree, Brøthers' message to "push on" is conveyed through global educational films on culture and health.

The backbone of drums and keyboard are presented through the scientific methods of microscopes, drama classes and school taught athletics. "I'm sitting by myself, just patiently awaiting, all of the answers to the questions you keep contemplating, and so I ask myself why does this room feel so damn empty? Is it a metaphor for vacancy that you're accepting". The analogue film collage indebted to the sciences and achievements of humankind provide metaphors for Brøthers' musical approach that sees man and machine technologies as siblings banding together. The displayed importance of global calisthenics, regiments of exercise and developmental breakthroughs in the microbiological fields further underscore the forward motion evolutions, like the twinkling shine of their cosmo hurdling synths. For the band, vacant and empty spaces exist as inquisitive bodies in their unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

The quest for higher learning is repeated in the "I want, I want, to know" bridge, emphasized in the vintage news reels videos and instructional film inclusions on the natural order of things. As the attitudes of "we're not giving up" push on perseverance are exalted, images of rockets taking off for space and butterflies breaking out of their chrysalises welcome the next phases of life. And like the opening view into the microscopic world, the video returns to those very same scientific methods of exploration in the concluding imagery. "I want, I want, to go, back to the birthplace I call home". With a visual allusion to NYC with an on screen flash of The Statue of Liberty, our suspicions are that this band of Brøthers could be New Yorkers as much as footage of the pyramids, Spanish bullfights lends credence that they could also be from Egypt, or Spain. What is known from this mysterious fraternity is a sound and message of healthy fears and respects of nature's boundless learnings that brings flowers to bloom, stirs the wonders of outer spaces, and has entertained the analogue revolutions into the new digital ages.

Brøthers' full-length is expected later this year.