Crosslegged, “Why Do You Do That”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Crosslegged–or Keba Robinson, if we’re going by her given name–is making her latest video for “Why Do You Do That” something to remember. Shot on 16mm film in front of a green screen, “Why Do You Do That” is the opening track to Speck, Crosslegged’s most recent album. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of the video right here.

The song itself stays at midtempo, allowing Crosslegged to really display her range of vocals. The instrumentals give the song a very laid-back, summertime vibe, and the music video aids in that regard. Duly noted, the song does bring about a physical representation of the lyrics “why do you do it all alone”, a somewhat anthem to a lonely daydream. Crosslegged enjoys a slow ride through the sunroof of a car, through neighborhoods and gorgeous, green batches of trees.

If nothing else, the video allows for the watcher to remember to take in the sights and really enjoy our surroundings as we experience them.

Sophia Bennett Holmes, the talent behind the creation of the music video, has this to say about it: “A woman rides out of the sunroof of her car. The landscape passes behind her, changing between city, suburb and foliage. Though we see what she passes, we never know where she is coming from or where she is going. She is in a constant state of getting there.”

Crosslegged will be performing with Fraternal Twin, Daphne, and Field Sleeper on August 19th in Brooklyn. Tickets are available now. 

Truly Truly comes out August 12th on Split Level Records.