Debut: Brianna Lea Pruett, “The Stars, The Moon, The Owl, The Cougar and You”

In an intimate, lo-fi home movie that looks like it was made on a bad morning, Brianna Lea Pruett fogs up her mirror with a meditative piano folk song, “The Stars, The Moon, The Owl, The Cougar and You.” Slow and mysterious, the single’s simplicity is mis-matched by an almost carelessly natural video, static-y, yellowed and created on a…phone camera?

Bringing her mystical, nature-heavy music into a modern reality stuck indoors ties it a bit too close to a self-serious normalcy; tethering her folksy, dreamy lyrics and weirdly weighing them down while shrinking their impact. But while the video sometimes seems small or feels at odds with the lyrics, Pruett’s breath of country air and quick visual study of mood is a good reminder that bedrooms can be sets for more than sleeping on those do-nothing nights.

Brianna Lea Pruett's The Stars, The Moon, The Owl, The Cougar and You is out now. She's in the studio working on her Gypsy Bells LP.